Micro Adventure Must-Haves for Families

Micro Adventure

We all love getting outdoors with our family on mini-adventures, but it is somewhat a challenge. Getting kids ready and into the car can be adventurous enough and when looking at your empty daypack and cupboards you may be tempted to opt for an indoor adventure.

However, to help you make the decision to go outdoors easier, we are here presenting the micro-adventure items that are always in the house and can come handy.

  • Lightweight fleece sweaters

Sweaters will help you and your kids stay warm if the weather gets cool and also they do not take up much space. It will keep your junior adventurer warm and happy as they explore the puddles, streams, pools and ponds.

  • Rain jackets

A light, waterproof jacket that stuffs into its own pocket is an essential item for family trips. It will help you from getting wet in the rain and even if it’s not raining, it will help you fight the wind and cold weather.

  • Portable water bottle

Whether you are going for an adventure travel or a short trip to the beach ensure that you pack a full bottle of water for each member of the family so as to keep yourself hydrated and that there is no shortage of water.

  • Snacks

This one is an essential item when you have kids along as they tend to feel hungry after every few hours. Pack a variety of sweets, sour and salty treats, add in a handful of energy bars, trail mix, chocolates, corn chips and sandwiches and hand them out liberally on the route. You can try dedicating a pantry shelf to adventure food with long shelf life.

  • First-aid kit

This one is another essential item that you should always keep handy. There are many standard 1-3 day kits that will suit your purpose and can even be customised according to your preference. Also, add an emergency blanket, compass, lighter and whistle.

So, the above-mentioned are some of the essential items you need to pack to have an enjoyable outdoor time with your family and kids.

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